Product Care

Each MAMEYO product has been hand made with care and precision. Every hide is unique, therefore tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features that should be celebrated and not considered imperfections.

To preserve the quality of your leather goods we recommend avoiding extensive contact with water and extended exposure to light.

If you do get caught in the rain (hello Vancouver) dry your leather goods with a clean, soft cloth and let the item dry naturally. Please do not put beside a heater or use a hairdryer as this will dry out the leather. A protective spray could be used for extra weather protection - make sure to spot test first.

When your leather goods are feeling/looking a bit dry you will need to oil or condition the leather. We like to use Smith’s Leather Balm it’s all natural and smells amazing! Other good options for leather conditioning are neatsfoot oil, Aussie or Renapur. Whichever option you pick make sure to do a spot test first (i.e. bottom of bag, inside pocket) as oiling/conditioning can darken the leather.

Store your leather goods in a cool, dark place in a dust bag when not in use.

Please note that vegetable tanned leather will patina over time with use. This deepening of colour and softening in texture makes vegetable tanned leather really special it only gets better with age!

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