Elle - Marbled Collection
  • Elle - Marbled Collection
  • Elle - Marbled Collection
  • Elle - Marbled Collection
  • Elle - Marbled Collection
  • Elle - Marbled Collection

Elle - Marbled Collection

$125.00 CAD

Meet Elle - the minimal pocket wallet

A MAMEYO bestseller, a convenient, sleek and minimal pocket wallet that holds all your wallet essentials without bulking up your bag. This understated wallet can hold credit and debit cards, cash and coins in equal measure. Open it up with the snap closure to get access to these items when out and about. You can attach it to your keyring using the split ring to make it even more convenient when on the go.

The Marbled Collection is made up of one of a kind beauties. Each piece is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather and carefully hand marbled by Maxine. Each colour way has been thoughtfully picked to best compliment the final piece. No 2 pieces are the same, they are truly one of a kind.

Please see the details and care tab for care instructions

Details & Care

- Holds a good mix of cash, cards and coins 
- Brass or matte black split ring 
- Snap closure
- Handsewn with tiger thread
- Hand cut vegetable tanned leather
- Hand marbled using marbling paint
- Top coated

Care for Marbled Leather

Each marbled leather piece is one of a kind, hand marbled using acrylic paint and vegetable tanned leather.

To ensure the longevity of the marbling paint make sure that your piece does not come in contact with hand sanitizer, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, acetone or any other deglazers. They will remove the top coat, marbled paint and will dry out the leather.

When using hand sanitizer wait till your hands are completely dry before touching your marbled piece. If your piece does get come in contact with hand sanitizer gently wipe the surface of the leather with a paper towel or soft cloth to get the majority of the hand sanitizer off (do not rub) and if possible run a little bit of water over the area pat excess water off and leave the piece to dry naturally. Please do not use added heat ie. hairdryer or heater as this will dry out the leather.

Please note:
1. Vegetable tanned leather will patina over time ie. the colour will darken and appearance will change as you use the piece.


W: 6.25" (5" body of wallet, 0.75" for the ring and tab) 
H: 3.5" (closed) 

Lead Time

Each Marbled Elle is ready to ship

Elle is handmade from a natural material, there may be variations in colour and stitching. Which may differ slightly from the images

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